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Amazing apps for android 2020

            Amazing App For Android 2020

Friends today’s Application is a very Popular Ning Application.
The application has recently been launched in Pakistan.

Amazing apps for android 2020

The features of this application are so amazing that you will surely download and see its features.
This application has been launched inside Pakistan in 2019 and it has come to blows as soon as anyone who has downloaded this application is very happy.
(You can easily download this application by clicking this link)
First of all, the highlight of this application is that you get to see the trending news which you can read in Urdu and also in English.
And you can upload your own photos on Facebook, see other people’s photos as well
Trending news comes right in this application and you can read and watch this interesting and trending news at the same time.
One of the amazing things about this application is that you can link this application to your Facebook ID
And if you want to play a game, you can play all sorts of games and have lots of fun.
In this application you can earn money by playing the game which is amazing
And most importantly, you can get any job in this application which is great news for you.
And at the same time you can buy anything in this application if you can’t find anything in your city then you can do shopping through this application which is very easy and at a low rate.  Can buy
The great news is that if you are a Muslim you can never go without downloading this application.
Because in it you will read everything related to Islam
As you can read the Qur’an, you can Memorize any prayer you read, extract any Hadith, read it and translate it with the Resite Qur’anic.
If you want to go for Hajj then you can read everything about Hajj and Umrah in this application.
And download Islamic wallpapers
Download this application now and try it out
A link to this application has been provided
You must tell us how you feel about this application


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