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Home News Sheikh Rasheed Video Call with Hareem Shah Scandal

Sheikh Rasheed Video Call with Hareem Shah Scandal

Sheikh Rasheed Video Call with Hareem Shah Scandal

Another Video of Sandal Khattak and Hareem Shah Comes Out
Another alleged video of former Railway Minister Sheikh Rasheed’s Tik-Talk stars Harim and Sandal Khattak has gone viral on social media.

Sheikh Rasheed Video Call with Hareem Shah Scandal

According to details, video of an alleged conversation with Sheikh Rasheed’s Tik Talk stars Harim Shah and Sandal Khattak went viral which became the focus of consumer attention and now another video player of the two girls is also exposed. Has come in which they have made a surprising claim and have kept the Pakistanis conscious. Sandal Khattak recorded the video message saying that he had a video call with Sheikh Rasheed, he first messaged me and then made a video call directly to the WhatsApp, he was asking me “Hi Sandal Baby my Come on. ”In the meanwhile, Harem Shah starts a conversation in the video and says” We were both alone in my room.
Sandal Khattak said that Sheikh Rasheed spoke to me and Harem Shah and he also asked to meet us. Someone else has uploaded these videos. Sandal says the video is very rare, he was talking to us “Let’s meet and have a chat”.
The talk-stars say that we love Imran Khan and our homeland. There is a lot of evidence we could have done if we wanted to, Sheikh Rasheed is the bottom line.
It is also worth mentioning here that recently Sandal Khattak participated in the Waqar Zaka program, during which the anchor’s talk about getting dressed became the focus of consumer attention but now another video is spreading which is different. The clips were made in pairs but what is remarkable is that at the end of the video, apart from the talk stars, the dignity of the tikka suddenly appears and the mobile hand in hand holds a recording. The sound from this audio recording indicates that Sheikh Rashid is reportedly in talks with talk stars. In this recording, Sheikh Rasheed allegedly says, “Allah guide you if you want to do recording and this is your job to which Hareem Shah responds” I have no secret of yours till date.
What is it, why don’t you talk to me?
“Hareem Shah continues,” You used to show me alone, you did wrong things in the video call. “Hareem is talking now. That the call drops from the other side.
Rana Imran (Pak Global TV) Youtube Channel



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