How to get rid of a Cold in 24 hours

How to get rid of a Cold in 24 hours

Whenever the weather takes a crotch, the sores, colds and flu suffers.  The onset of sneezing begins to run into the throat, throat sore throat, edema and headache complaining, the body starts to look like fever and boil.

 get rid of a cold

There are many medicines available to say, but true relief from these diseases and restoration of health is still done by the old treatment and the old methods.
In the context of nasal colds, the efficacy of the old treatment and therapeutic measures are Muslim, which can still be used today.

Sharing a few prescriptions here, if you have any valuable homemade prescriptions you must share as well.

  • Use of water and steam …

Water is not only life-giving but also healing. In the case of nozzles, most of the nose and its internal organs are affected.
The best way to get rid of the virus is to remove the moisture from the membranes.
The process of wudoo ‘is very helpful in this process.  By spraying clean water in the nose, internal stalks are thoroughly washed. If the water is semi-warm and salty, it can be easily opened by simply adding a little inside.  Salt not only eliminates edema in the nose, but also eliminates a significant number of viruses, providing greater comfort and reducing the severity of the disease.
By inhaling water vapor, the inner part of the nose to the throat is cleansed by the moisture of the nozzle.  And the nasal congestion and anxiety are overcome.  This process is very easy, boil it by filling three quarters of water in a clean container, and carefully placing it on a table, etc., wrapping a clean cloth or towel over the head and bowing down to the steam, taking a deep breath.  Stay tuned.
It is important that the face does not burn with steam.  Also add a few drops of Agroclopes oil to the same water. The process of opening the virus and getting out easily becomes even more effective.  Eucalyptus trees, also known as white in general, can be taken from the fresh leaves that are present everywhere.  Add its handful of leaves to the boiling water.  You can also do this with a couple drops of sympathetic balm.  Apart from opening the nose, it also relieves sore throat and cough and makes it easier to withstand the onslaught of a nozzle.  The process should take five to ten minutes.

 get rid of a cold
  • The use of honey and lemons ………

 People who drink tea should drink honey and lemon juice instead of sugar in milk tea during breakfast.  In addition to tea, adding a teaspoon of honey and fresh lemon juice in plain warm water helps to soothe the sore throat by drinking it.  If desired, honey can be consumed by adding a few risks of lemon.  Honey has antibacterial properties and the vitamin C (vitamin C) contained in lemons strengthens the body’s immune system.  Swallowing this mixture slowly makes the mouth salty and the throat relaxes.

  • Cinnamon: germicidal killer …

Cinnamon, a febrile cleanser and antibacterial, has been used for thousands of years.  Cinnamon produced in the warm climates of the East was sometimes used as gold in the cold countries of the West, but it is still important today, in addition to its use in various foodstuffs, to relieve fever and edema.  Is said to be very effective

According to Dr. James A. Duke, cinnamon cannot be equated to aspirin but it has the potential to relieve pain.  In the sub-continent, it is used frequently in hot water by grinding it in water for headache and tightness.  Its oil has the potential to kill germs, so it is also included in throat paints applied to the throat.
 Her tea is very effective for nozzles.  After boiling it for 20 minutes in boiling water with a teaspoon of white tea, it should be mixed with honey to taste.  She can drink one to three cups a day.

 get rid of a cold
  • The garlic of the nozzle …

The use of garlic sauce in the sub-continent can be considered as a very effective diet.  Elderly chewed with a pinch of garlic or red pepper vigorously with salt or sourdough for a sore throat and swollen gland in the throat, it expels the mucus very well and causes sore throat and glands.  The edema decreases.
Garlic was thought to be beneficial for plague and plague in the United States and Europe, in addition to toothache.  They used to grind and feed the chicken in the martyr for colds and coughs.  Today, scientists are also singing songs of garlic ability.  A garlic rinse contains hundreds of effective components, including sulfuric compounds and its specially scorching sensation, which is the reason for its fragrant smell.
Being an effective natural herbal and anti-bacterial, eating four to eight cloves of garlic daily in the flu is very useful.  If it does not come to the stomach, it should be lightly roasted or mixed with cheese.  Cutting the garlic finely before eating for ten minutes increases the drug’s properties.

  •  Ginger, basil and honey tea …

A teaspoon of fresh ginger crushed crushed juice mixed with honey in a cup of warm water provides a great comfort to mucus, chest tightness and chest tightness.  The mucus discharges and the sweat goes away.  Adding a teaspoon of fresh basil leaves to it makes it even more useful.  Dried basil leaves may also be used.

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