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Hareem Shah Video, Hareem Shah Father Apologize

I apologize to Allah and the nation, video of Harem Shah’s father appeared on video.
The video attributed to the father of Tuck Talk star Harem Shah has gone viral on social media, in which he apologizes to all his dear friends. In this video message, Harem Shah’s father says that his name is Zarar Hussain Shah. To say that I have no words to describe my pain. Whatever hurts people and my relatives, I am deeply saddened by it and have no words to apologize to me, as Muslims in our faith.

Hareem Shah

He said that life itself punishes sins, I have not shown any heart in my life, just once my father was angry with me but I was pleased with him. Was taken but now I feel bad for them. I have suffered a lot, I do not care about myself. But I am saddened by the suffering of our elders and people of the area. I will soften their hearts. Zarra Shah further said that the damage which is being done to our country’s dignity.
I am very worried about this. Jarrar Shah says that perhaps my whole nation has to be ashamed because of one of my sins which I apologize to Allah. He also brought a good number to the education, as a father could do, but his reward was given to me in a very bad way. He said that my children could not sleep at night, but human beings are tolerating everything. Yes, you guys pray that God will honor our family.

Hareem Shah

Haram Shah’s father Zarar Hussain Shah’s mournful video message went viral on social media, in his message Zarar Hussain Shah condemns the activities of his daughter Hareem Shah for some of his sins. Well done, all the good things in life. One time the father was angry. Maybe he is being punished. Whatever has hurt people and my relatives. , I have severe trauma and I have No words to apologize for. As Muslims, it is our belief that Allah honors and humiliates whomever He wants, He said that life itself punishes sins, I have not shown any heart in my life, just once from my father. Sir was annoyed but I was pleased with them but now I think I feel bad for them. Nowadays, there are only two names on each language: Hareem Shah and Sundal Khattak. Some ministers have released videos and some are threatening to leak. The hash tag of the Hareem Shah scandal is trending on Twitter. Both of these women received fame from Tuck Talk. Haram is more famous than sandal. She calls herself a supporter of the PTI. Reach key political figures and political figures while making videos on Hareem Shah Talk Talk and now using this internet he is recording the recording of his audio and video calls with politicians. To some, Hareem’s move is a hoax, while some consider it a callout culture. Callout culture is intended to identify inappropriate conversations or attitudes of people on social media with the intention of embarrassing them. Its use was seen during the May Two campaign.

Hareem Shah video

Many people upload screenshots of inappropriate messages or comments on their social media. Some are intended to embarrass the sender of such messages, while some have identified a problem with these messages. Cheating is a little different. If two parties are in any kind of contact with mutual consent and then one party has to say something in relation to this relationship then that is fraud. In this regard, legal action can be taken according to cyber laws. Revenge Purn is a clear example of this, in which people upload photos or videos of their partner after the breakup to the Internet to make their lives worse. If regular legal action is taken against such a criminal, he could be sent to jail in addition to a heavy fine. Likewise, if two people are talking mutually consenting and one party generalizes this conversation, then it also comes in the form of fraud.Hareem Shah is now calling out or deceiving politicians, it cannot be said but what he is doing is quite dangerous. Haram Shah’s scandal hashtag on Twitter is heartening. The internet which has given power to Hareem, the same internet is bringing it to the world. There are pictures of harem and chain ID cards and passports on the Internet. If those pictures are original, then both of them should stand up.

Hareem Shah

Idea is also trying to find out more about them. Many news outlets have even detailed the details of their family. Here I am reminded of Kandel Baloch. Before the kill, the kandels were everywhere. She was on social media, her news was hidden in the newspaper, she was invited on TV, curious about the conundrum to international media. Kandel also had access to some of the most powerful and famous people. He also shared the words of some famous people and released a video of his meeting with Mufti Qawwai.

Hareem Shah Video
Hareem Shah

he heart trembles as he writes the events ahead. That is why they leave things incomplete here. However, Hareem Shah and Sandal Khattak should be prepared to anticipate the dangers they face. Although there are many differences between Kandel and Harem, the events that are occurring with them after their fame are quite similar. What Harem Shah is doing is right or wrong, this debate should not happen on the one hand but with any human being. We could not do anything but the advice of the gentleman. It is the will of God to disobey this advice, but what we owe is our duty.

Hiram Shah, be careful. What to do, think carefully. God bless

Written By
Rana Imran
Kamran Ali


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