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This Year People will get jobs

This Year People will get Jobs
While laying the foundation stone of Air University, Prime Minister Imran Khan said, “This year the country will take off. People will get jobs. Prosperity will come. Cheap housing plans will promote 40 industries. Our target is the system, the institutions, the merits; indeed, the arrow is moving towards the target ‘. 2019 has been a difficult year for the people, but the institutions have definitely strengthened.

Imran Khan

There was a lot of improvement in education at the university level. For the first time, no recommendation has been made to the Vice-Chancellor in the universities without any political affiliation. As a skeptical specimen by Kharwar, I want to talk about the only organization that has reached where it has been in the past year and a half. This institution is University of the Punjab. His Vice Chancellor is Dr. Niaz Ahmed. When I went to visit my nephew, he said, “Suri Mansoor! First find an admission against merit and then make a recommendation. I did research and found out that the Vice Chancellor’s ambition did not get admission in Punjab University. For the first time in Punjab University, the number of professors has increased to 105. Nearly 21 years later, three professors have been appointed at Punjab University Law College. A greeting is necessary here. Our friend and renowned scholar, Dr. Amanullah, also rose to prominence after a long time. 243 students received a PhD degree, the highest number in the history of PU in one year. Last year, around 4,000 employees were promoted on merit. Eleven years later, the current administration began to hold regular Senate meetings. The culture of large inquiries and fake sexual harassment cases over minor matters was abolished. Fear of insecurity in employees and teachers was over. An atmosphere of mutual trust was found.

With enthusiasm and satisfaction, academic and research work began. University performance has improved in Pakistan, Asia and globally. His three articles have reached the first three hundred in the world rankings, which is an extraordinary achievement. Punjab University is going to start its own medical college very soon. All university affairs have been computerized. The paper is expected to remain unused until next year. Dr Niaz Ahmed has paid special attention to IT issues. He is the acting Vice Chancellor of the University of Punjab as well as the IT University. There, too, a new era has begun. He also established a computer engineering department there. He is trying to make the University a new generation of inventor, engineer and scientist and will contribute to the national economy. The Government of Pakistan gave him a stark distinction for his superior services. He has also been Vice-Chancellor of the University of Engineering and Technology Taxila and Rector of National Textile University Faisalabad. Evaluate the change in the University of Punjab from the same point that when General Pervez Musharraf was sentenced, a rally was organized for the solidarity with the Pak army at the university. Teachers, staff and students participated in the rally. Dr Niaz Ahmed said that due to the sacrifices of the Pak army, we are breathing in the open air today. In the fight against terrorism, the army has made peace in the country by making sacrifices. We as the nation stand with the army. Most importantly, the conservatives have taken over the university. There is also a strong focus on the arts. Music classes that have been in the Alhamra Arts Council for a long time, rather than the University, are expected to return to university boundaries later this year. Here the play will be promoted. There will be exhibitions of artistic crossings. A conference of mystical music by the name of Amir Khusro is also under consideration. The university is also planning to hold a “Pakistan Qualifying Conference tomorrow”. That is, institutions are getting stronger. The culture of corruption and recommendation is ending. Institutions are growing, stability is coming. Legislatures, administrations, the judiciary and the military are doing their job with respect to each other. All these things are very welcome but inflation. What to do with it Like a monster, it is constantly growing. The forest is spreading like fire. The poor are missing the bread after seeing the moon. The middle class is reaching the poverty line. Power purchases are declining. Salaries have decreased rather than increased. During his visit to the shelter from Imran Khan himself, a laborer said, “Sometimes work gets done”. That is, employment is reduced. The government has to pay immediate attention to this. Subsidy on flour, rice, pulses, etc. will have to be subsidized to reduce the prices of goods and drinks. Ensure the supply of cheap goods at least in utility stores. Chief Minister Usman Bazdar has a special request to issue an order to provide at least 50 billion subsidy for food and beverage in Punjab’s development budget and implement it with bureaucracy.

Mansoor Afaq would be compelled to say 

  1. The destiny of the poor is pistachio
  2. There are separate settlements of the rich
  3. So far, Pakistan has two
  4. Poverty is somewhere, there is religion
  5. I am telling the truth
  6. I’m rebelling
  7. Now every thief is just and honest
  8. There has been no change
  9. Only expensive is lentil bread
  10. Wherever there was, everything else is there
  11. I hate the government
  12. I’m rebelling

Written By
Rana Imran
Kamran Ali


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