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Baldness Treatment

Rare Treatment, Tested and Useful for Baldness Relief

Baldness sufferers make very serious efforts to regenerate their hair, try out expensive treatments to relieve it. Here we tell you the cheapest and most effective treatment.
Onion juice: It is true that peeling onion causes tears in the eyes, but this juice of onion is auxiliary to weak and weak hair.

Baldness Treatment

According to the medical journal report, when onion juice was applied twice a day to the heads of about one thousand people suffering from baldness, 74% of them started growing new hair while not weakening their hair.  Not only did the fractures stop but they started growing faster and becoming healthier.
It should be noted that the onion juice should be washed in clean water for one to two hours after applying it to the head and if shampoo is required, a small amount of ordinary shampoo should be used as excessive use of shampoo can be obtained from onion juice.  That could offset the benefits.

Baldness TreatmentAloe vera: The use of ghee is commonly recommended for skin rejuvenation and freshness, but if you want to strengthen the hair, the green and thick juice that comes out of the scalp can also greatly benefit you.

Experts say that instead of using preserved ghee juice, it is better to take a green piece of ghee and cut it in the middle and then extract it in the head.  This not only brings out new hair but also enhances the brightness and firmness of the hair.  However, remember that when dried juice dries, the hair
should be washed only with fresh and clean water without applying shampoo.
Green Tea: Drinking one cup of green tea daily in the morning and evening for 6 months to one year not only improves general health and reduces obesity but also improves hair and reduces baldness.  Is.

Baldness TreatmentSkull Oil: The use of skull oil to improve hair does not require introduction.  However, it is better to use indigenous oil of coconut and not of coconut oil made by a company.
This is also important because the crushed scalp oil contains all its natural ingredients which are very useful in removing the dryness of the hair as well as strengthening and growing new hair.  However, in order to get the best results you have to use skull oil daily.

To remove the baldness, make a paste by mixing flour in skull oil and apply it on the head thoroughly before going to bed every night and apply a cloth or shower cap on the head.  Wash hair with a good shampoo in the morning.  Continuing this process for 6 months to a year will not only remove the baldness but also make the hair shiny and strong.

Writteh By
Dr.Kamran Ali
Muhammad Suffian

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