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Punjabi Language Issue

If anyone speaks Punjabi why tag ‘ignorance’?

His mother tongue is very proud of everyone and everyone wishes that his language be alive. But after a video on social media went viral, a debate regarding Punjabi Language Issue. The viral video was made from a mobile phone in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, after a woman stopped at a police post and told a police officer badly that she was being addressed in Punjabi.
But why Punjabi Language Issue is not issce for everybody.

Punjabi Language Issue

After the video surfaced, it is being debated on Twitter whether it is bad to address someone in Punjabi language and not be considered socially appropriate. At the same time many questions arise as to whether the speakers of Punjabi are ashamed to speak it themselves? Is the Punjabi language poisoning? and Punjabi Language Issue addresses someone in Punjabi, why is he tagged as ‘ignorant’ or illiterate?
Social media reactions

Punjabi Language Issue

“Everyone has the freedom to speak in any language,” wrote Darwin Khan, a user on Twitter. It is wrong to associate a language with negative behavior, especially in a language that is very fertile.
Then a social media user named Malik Abbas wrote in reply to the tweet that ‘it seems that Punjabi language has become a symbol of illiterate or illiterate, and Punjabi speakers are called’ ignorant ‘. Maybe that’s why Punjabi parents prevent their children from speaking Punjabi. But on the contrary, parents should focus on teaching their children good social values. ”

Punjabi Language Issue

The matter is not settled here, Rabia Anum also joined the discussion. He wrote that Punjabi language is going to end up in urban areas and 80% of the children in schools in these areas cannot speak even a complete language of Punjabi language.
 Teachers and parents find children’s use of mother tongue strange.

Punjabi Language Issue

The Punjabi Language Issue, which started with a viral video on social media, did not even discuss the Punjabi language. Canadian-based Indian Ravi wrote, “Punjabi Pakistani rulers have ridiculed the Punjabi language for decades and have always presented it as the language of the ignorant”. While not only Punjabi is spoken in all Government offices in Indian Punjab and even in Parliament, it has the status of official language.

At the same time, a Twitter user named Pankhj Kaushal from India wrote that you (the people of Pakistan) should be thankful to Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who said in English that ‘Urdu will be everywhere’. The value of Punjabi, Sindhi, Seraiki, Pashto, Balochi and all other languages has only decreased. He said of the viral video that “to some extent the attitude of the lady was correct, now in the environment where they grew up their parents trained them as they should.” what’s the matter?


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